You dream higher. You get there, door closes behind you. You step in, not confident. Head in the ground, maybe afraid?

You hear the music. It’s loud, but it’s healing, it’s soothing, gets you to lift your head. It’s pure energy,it makes you wanna fly. You know the song, it’s the one you’ve been playing since so long each day. It’s the same, from “dusk till dawn”.

You feel the ground underneath you, it’s as if it’s waiting. For you to do your first step. To get up there, in your black bodysuit and start.

We all love to play but when we swirl too much, we are afraid of falling. This..doesn’t let you go further. You close your eyes, dream higher.

You get up higher and higher, and you’re falling into a split. Life in this dance room, just you and the music. But you’ll fly higher,my dear.

We all do. IF only we just let ourselves. And if only we let go of that fear. That one that’s paralyzing you almost, and the whatifs.

Those fucking damn whatifs. Forget about them,dear. Be who you are, people will be amazed.




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