Greece is an amazing place for beauty and art seekers, but also a heaven for those passionate about fashion. Here is a list of the top five Greek designers whom I fell in love with, who have an impressive array of must-have pieces. Some of them are already quite known, while some I just discovered on Instagram!


❤️ Celia Dragouni

Her Instagram looks like a vintage magazine. Velvet kimonos, white flowy dresses, retro backgrounds, caftan dresses with Greek motifs, and a vibe of wanderlust. Photos taken on top of old Volkswagen vans, all these make up an amazing brand that inspires those who love to travel and feel feminine and free.

I discovered her on Instagram but she is already quite big on sites such as Farfetch, Net a porter. Her style is bohemian vintage and her inspiration is embroidery. Her pieces start out at 200£.



❤️ Celia Kritharioti

The embodiment of a Greek goddess in modern times, the timeless silhouette and beautiful beadings, this is what Celia Kritharioti showcases in her pieces. Came across her on Instagram and couldn’t help but just <3 most of her posts, especially the bridal gowns which seem out of this world. The long black dresses with ruffles, or black rompers from her Ready to wear AW 17-18 collection, alongside with classic smock-frocks are a must have for every chic woman. This couture heaven launched in 1906, and Celia has now taken over the power fashion house and recently made her debut at the Paris Fashion Week.



❤️ Ioanna Kourbela

Inspired by Art Nouveau, her collection is full of motion, and have a futuristic aesthetic. The brand was started in 1971 by the Kourbela family, as a workshop for hand-knitted knitwear. Ioanna, who in 2016 won the Emerging Designer Award at the Pure London international exhibition, took over the fashion house in 2003. Her Instagram feed is minimalist, and clean, with lots of black and white inspiring shots. Watch out, as she might be one of the up and coming European designers!



❤️ Ancient Kallos

Being fascinated myself about embroideries,  I came across this brand in my searches on Instagram for cool new Greek inspired outfits. I then found out it is the first Greek Resort wear brand. As the name of the brand suggests, the pieces have Greek symbols, prints and patterns. The materials used are mostly cotton, linen, silk, and you will probably want to wear all pieces in your holidays in one of the hundreds of amazing Greek islands. The fashion house is owned by a sister duo, Lamprini & Stella, two modern women who are definitely making a statement in the fashion resort wear.



❤️ Vassia Kostara

She travels and the world and she makes all her designs herself. She is a visual creator and also looks stunning, so she showcases her designs wherever she goes. If all that wasn’t enough, she also blogs on her website. This is by far one of my favorite fashion finds ever, as she is truly an inspiration, beyond what she conveys through her pieces. Definitely follow Vassia for all the adventures and fashion inspiration. Also, her motto is #alwaysinspired, so kudos to that!


P.S: I’ll be back with some more amazing stuff from Greek designers. In the meanwhile, you can also check my top places Instagram love in Athens.

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