I twist and turn. Lights off, discover me. Lights on, discover me.

Enter the room, as you do, throw your dirty clothes on the floor. After a long road, you’re here. Embrace me with all your tiredness, lack of energy, sparkly eyes, with all that you have.

I play and I hide. I wear you each morning. You turn and as a gift, wrap and unwrap me, all over again.

How? Baby, I’m not perfect. I’m s**t real. I scratch your back because you make me go places my mind and body had never gone before. I stumble because I am nervous. You make me nervous. I crawl in under the sheet to make autumn feel cozier than ever, or maybe hide my blushing. I draw lines to show you my directions, you erase them. We then build them together. I have dreams of unbeaten paths in a stolen Rover with you.


I lay here, imagining beyond all possibilities, more possibilities. I open my eyes. You’re here and you take my by the hand. Come into the unknown, let’s explore it.



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