Born in Normandy, Dior grew up in quite a wealthy family. He received from his father an art gallery and sold important paintings. After his family tragedy, he was an apprentice for Robert Piguet. Then slowly but steadily built his way up to putting out there his own designs. And he conquered the world. At least, the fashion world. He created the iconic woman silhouette that was then an amazing moment after the World War II uniforms. Even nowadays, every woman aspires to be a bit of Dior femme. It is the epiteme of style, ethereal fashion and sensuality.

I grew up watching his work and being in awe. I used to sit for hours looking at photos of his designs, or reading his biography, picturing in my mind the entire journey and I always felt amazed. For me, this is the greatest designer of all times. Now, in Paris, there is an exhibition with his greatest pieces of art fashion, on the iconic Rue de Rivoli 107, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. This also celebrates the 70 years of existence of the Dior house.


I would have loved to be there in person and see all those gowns in a stunning location and just stroll around for hours, taking in every bead I see, thinking about the hard work and construction of such beauties. Christian Dior’s work I believe needs to be appreciated even by someone who doesn’t know much about fashion. His first collection, the New Look, meant the revival of the woman, and celebrating her in every possible way. I think the message the fashion house still conveys today is that every woman is beautiful in her own ways, and each has femininity that can make her irresistible.



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