Statuesque. Castle photoshoot

Bright colors, a castle, summer, wishes and old buildings. Amazing nature surrounding us. This are some of the photos we took while in Transylvania. A land neighboring mountains, giant wooden gates and houses full of history. It was a beautiful weekend, where we enjoyed the nature, took epic shots (@thelifeofjord did), and captured beautiful moments. […]


I twist and turn. Lights off, discover me. Lights on, discover me. Enter the room, as you do, throw your dirty clothes on the floor. After a long road, you’re here. Embrace me with all your tiredness, lack of energy, sparkly eyes, with all that you have. I play and I hide. I wear you […]

100 travel bloggers come to #ExperienceBucharest

100 travel bloggers are invited to #ExperienceBucharest, see the city and everything it has to offer. Talk about amazing food, parties, the old town, fabulous guided tours, mornings and sunsets on top of rooftop bars, everything you can possibly imagine! Experience Bucharest is the largest project promoting Bucharest tourism in social media that has ever […]