I have heard about Athens three words: views, amazing, food. Oh and Gods. Greek Gods.

Legends, stories of conquest and evolution, greatness.

On our first day in Athens, we went in search of a cute little place where we could enjoy delicious Greek food. And we found it after strolling in the busy streets, with a chic vibe, where the golden rays of sun piercing through the cobbled showed us the way.

We then went on to discover as much of Athens as we could.

Sunset time.

From dusk till dawn, we dream of places. And here we are, today, looking over Athens. In a place as old as time, where love, war, wine, were among the rulers. Athens is a city worth visiting and enjoying its many bars and pubs, but also exploring its surroundings. It has an amazing good vibe and you have to experience it.

The impressive Acropolis, that amazing view from La Couleur Locale, instrumental music, candlelit moments by the promenade, grilled corn, backlava icecream, opening the blinds and smiling as the sun’s warming you up.

Look up. Look how high you’ve climbed and of how hard it was. And I know you’ll think of the next higher one that you’re gonna climb. Sure, slipping and struggling, but getting there is now easier. Look over there and at the beauty of the moment. Being here and now. What lay there beyond our imagination.

Over the hills of Athens.


an Olive.




All photo credits to Jordan Simons



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