You all know I am passionate about fashion. I love it, I breathe it and I dream of it.

I am also passionate about life, love, a sense of realness and feelings in everything that we do and everywhere we go.

The recent Dior campaign brings feelings into the harsh fashion industry. It is about love and about people.

As part of a new and participative approach to charity, Dior initiates a “Love Chain“, inviting everyone to answer this essential question. Discover the responses from our House friends tomorrow, and in the meantime head to your social networks to post yours accompanied by the hashtag #DIORLOVECHAIN.

What I found very interesting is that for each post, Dior will donate $1 to the charity @WEMOVEMENT, in partnership with Natalie Portman, in order to provide education to young girls in Kenya. Don’t forget to nominate your loved ones and help Natalie to build the Dior Love Chain. Discover more on:
To participate, just film your answer to the question “And you, what would you do for love?“, solo or as a group, singing, dancing, drawing, whatever. Conclude your video with the name of one or more people dear to your heart, who will then have to answer and continue the chain, and post your video with the #DIORLOVECHAIN ​​hashtag.
I will be launching my Youtube channel soon (Illustrious by Olivia) and will get into vlogging and doing fashion series, so let me know what you think about the initiative and share your thoughts with me!

Dior instagram:

We movement instagram:


Also, I fell in LOVE with this new ad for Miss Dior eau de parfum. Right now I am in a moment where I am preparing to take the leap to new adventures, with zero money in the bank account, starting out to feel free and live what I wanna live and go where I wanna go. So this makes me dream about the inifinite possibilities out there and the fact that maybe there is a chance to make it in fashion 😉



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