I have prepared for you the top 3 of the most amazing restaurants in Bali.

Bali takes your breath away. And also, it amazes your senses.

I have tried lots of different foods in Bali, I tried out street food from Ubud to Lombok, I have experienced fusion cuisine in Kuta, but there are a couple of places that I want to share with you if you are ever planning a trip to Bali.


  1. Bucu, Bali

It might be that the charm of this place captured me just because it was the first one I stepped into. But, this is seriously the best place to eat in Bali, so this is why it’s my number one on the list of top 3 best restaurants in Bali. I felt amazing just being there. It was the first day in Bali, and when I stepped into the garden, I felt a nice breeze, old 20’s music was playing, there were lots of fans, exotic flowers, and the place had an amazing design. There was a vibe that made me feel like I was in a movie!

I enjoyed breakfast and lunch there, the place is family owned by a couple working in the creative industry.

They do some amazing eggs Benedikt and homemade cookies and brownies. I didn’t want to leave !

You can find their Facebook page here and the address here.



2. Kebun Bistro, Ubud

A romantic frenchy restaurant in central Ubud. You can feel like you are in a different Paris…an exotic one!

This place is also environmently friendly, something that you rarely see in Indonesia. All the wood used in Kebun’s decor and furnishing is recycled.  The pizza and cheese boards are made from recycled teak from Kalimantan.  All the wood trim is from Java as is the authentic 1940s furniture.

Head there for a quiet afternoon for brunch, try out the bagels, almond croissants, or go there for a glass of fine wine.

You can find their Facebook page here and the address here.


3. Cafe Pomegranate, Ubud

My boyfriend surprised me by taking me to this place. I was in awe when I saw it! One of the most beautiful places where you can have lunch and enjoy the view, the vibe, the company. I would define it as a peaceful zen place, with interesting choice of food. The menu contains various foods from different part of the world such as Japan, Europe, Singapore and others.

The building is a bit higher up compared to the central Ubud and disconnected from the busy main streets. It has a stunning 360° open view over the rice terraces. Perfect place to enjoy a sunset too with your partner, so it certainly deserves to be on the top 3 best restaurants in Bali !

No facebook page for the place, but you have the address here.

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know how your experience was if you were there!






Photo credits to Jordan Simons



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