I’ve been tempted to say your lips missed me. I couldn’t.

I’ve been tempted to kiss you to exhaustion, but you did. As if the whole world would crash and burn tomorrow, and this today is all we’ve got.

I’ve been tempted to let go of your hand, and run. Because it scared me. This. I wanted to run, to be in my cage again.

I’ve been tempted to project into you all the mistakes of the past, and make out of you an illusion. Because I didn’t believe in you.

My skin promised you I will be yours forever. My thoughts were invaded, my hands were running constantly on your body. Your rush caught me and wrapped me up in a whole new feeling. I felt surreal. I felt like this was what I had been waiting for my entire life till now.

I’ve been tempted to pick up my shoes, and run. You caught my hand. And grabbed me, swirled me, and kissed me as if it was the first and last time.

But you tempt me…And I… I am part of you.




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