Life gives you moments that stick with you. sometimes, they glue to you and when you close your eyes it’s as if you are re-living them. You can see them again, feel them.You are in the moment again. You feel it. And you’re happy when you remember them.

We don’t always appreciate all the moments we have. we are busy, We work, we gotta do things, we run around, we have a schedule, an agenda, we have stuff to do. We don’t stop and look at life every day. But we do look at it especially when it’s the most amazing.

When life takes us by surprise. When love takes us in its arms and throws us in a lovely chaos, and puts us on a beautiful journey.

I have asked myself a hundred times what is love, and how do I know it’s love. Well, now I found out.

But don’t ask me how. I couldn’t tell you. It’s just something inexplicable, that I can’t put into words to say to others, but I feel it. I feel it and that’s it, nothing more.

Sometimes life gives us someone that gives us light. That fixes us, that gives us inspiration and pushes us to be more. Might be a soulmate, who knows? But it’s astonishing. Life as it is, with the good and the bad, with the unexpected, with the errors, with all the faults, shows us how amazing we are. Yes, first of all, how amazing each of us is. And then, how amazing we are when we collide.


Close your eyes.  Feel.

Keep these moments close to you, some are so unique you’ll never forget them all your life. Like a glimpse of love between the sheets, like a smile hidden in the morning when you kiss, like a touch of a hand in hard times, like an embrace in the middle of the airport, like sparkling eyes in a sunrise light in bed.

Love and be loved,


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