This section of my blog debuts today with an article about how Vera Purtscher, an Austrian-Swiss architect and designer, who started the story of Vera Pure over 15 years ago.

This section of my blog, Illustrious Women, is meant to be a a series of interviews and articles about illustrious women. Illustrious means being admired and respected for your achievements, and that is what I intend to show you by celebrating amazing women from all over the world.


Vera Purtscher might shy away from the spotlight, but she is an amazing entrepreneur. She seems to embrace life with everything it has got and always with an amazing smile on her face.  I didn’t get the chance to meet her, but through what I have been able to grasp through photo & video, and the feeling I got reading about her, she is such a forward thinker. A woman who likes to dedicate her time into growing and improving her business, watching the evolution of trends & lifestyle.


Inspired by Japanese and Italian culture, trying out forms without having studied product design, she somehow found a way to express herself beautifully in designs that lead to her collaboration with Alessi.



Her Moonlashes cutlery collection is even inspired from the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. She talks about her collection on an interview on The Culture Trip as well as Die Presse, Tableware Intl’l and other big publications.

Sinstella glassware was launched in November 2016 after a year of exclusive use and testing by Gabriel Kreuther, one of World’s best chefs
in his eponymous restaurant in New York. Now, the champagne glass is a piece that lifestyle lovers want to have or experience, and that partially also came with the help of Instagram and social media.

Fashionable tableware

In my opinion,this designer glassware makes for a perfect fashionable night out, a memorable dining, or simply just elegant and practical tableware that you could use and own. Luxury drinking and eating is starting to grow as Instagram luxury lifestyle develops. I have to be honest, when I received the package with the Sinstella glassware and Moonlashes, I was amazed! It was so splendidly perfect! In the upcoming posts you will see how and when I enjoyed the two Sinstellas from those little champagne “sins”.


Pure images

Vera Pure’s Instagram is so well curated and luxurious, that probably the majority of you don’t ever think they could afford it. But, the thing is, not only lifestyle bloggers or people who dine in amazing restaurants all over the world can enjoy Vera Pure. You could enjoy Moonlashes and Sinstella maybe even in the comfort of their homes, as the amazing pieces are affordable. The business is entirely family run.  Their collaboration, spirit for innovation and their love for design is what makes this business so close to life moments and joy.



P.s: follow Vera on Instagram: @vera.pure



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