What I like about England, particularly London, is that it’s a city where it literally doesn’t matter where you’re from, what color of shirt you’re wearing or if you have fur lined flats while going to work, or if you are in a hurry and you run through the crowds on Oxford street, or Regent street, and say “sorry” sorry “sorry” a million times along the way. Your big black designer bag in one hand, your latte and newspaper in the other hand, and your smartphone playing Taylor Swift Shake it off so it keeps you moving. Everyone seems happy. Though always seems to be a bit stressed also. Either if it’s at the metro because you have to stand in a line, either at Primark, because you don’t find your shirt in your size. Everybody says thank you and “have a lovely day” everywhere you go. They smile at you, even if it’s the thousand smile they gave you because they served another 900 something people a coffee to go that day. They say darling, and sure my love, and it’s just all lovely (pls note that here you should read lovely with the British fancy accent ), as I love to say.

London is big. It’s huge, let’s face it, it’s a gigantic city where millions of people stroll the streets each day, commute every day from all around London. There are trains, from 15 min to 15 min, full of people, hundreds of directions.

London is charming. You can have your lunch in the park, sitting on the grass, having a 3£ meal deal from Sainsbury’s, you can walk around any time of the day and night and still find something magnificent to experiment.

London is full of dreams. I can see them floating above their heads, as I walk past them. Afro american women, youngsters on their way to college, exchange students, fashion editors or aspiring fashion assistants, designers, bartenders at Ted’s or at the local bakery shop, marketing professionals, accountants. It’s as if I could see them. It’s hovering over them. Dreams. Images of success, of sparkle, of urban queens, of modern kings with Oxford shoes trotting each morning on the high street.

But London also takes your eyes away. It makes you want so many things. It’s a big city that seems to offer big things, like the possibility of having money to spend monthly on crazy expensive outings and meals, more expensive than in many cities all over the world. It makes you want more, shop more, always crave for more spending.

London is a city of dreams. It is a city of unbearable amazing fashion and up and coming new talents from all the globe. It is a gate of possibility that might be soon closing.

I do believe London is my soul city, perhaps overtaking Paris. But that is a debate in my head that I don’t really want to figure out now. Paris is and will always be my first love. I just feel that I have to come back here, there’s something attracting me like a magnet.

London has received me each time with open arms, and I’ve just loved every second I spent here. From getting on the tube each day and people watching, to walks by the Thames and Soho drinks, to shortbread and amazing desserts, to vintage shops and short breaks at Tesco’s.

I am now leaving you again, London, but I will be back to stay with you more in the future. I am in love with everything about you and will come back soon. I can’t wait.

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