Illustrious comes with a complete guide for a fashionista in Ubud, Bali, showing you the best places where to shop and giving you tips for your “little” luggage on what to pack.

Bali is a piece of heaven, yesss, we know! But besides that, it is a hidden gem for fashion lovers and hunters of amazing unique clothing pieces that will for sure pass the test of time.

Bali boat shed

I have read about it in one of the few articles on the web about shops in Bali, but then I completely forgot that I did. Sooo I was very pleased with myself when I bumped into it. I was just walking around in Bali, without an agenda in mind, with a map,just chill window shopping, to find this treasure. Linen, cotton and satin were the materials that were most present in the clothes. Most of the pieces had simple patterns, lines, and were very light and beachy. The colors were soft, and I fell in love with a couple of dresses!
However, I did find it a bit pricey, so be ready to spend more than 100.000 Rp at least for one item!






A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shop! You need to look glam on a Monday in your Bali holiday? Sure, this shop is the epitome of glam, and although you might think there are way too many beads, glitter, precious stones, everything is so beautifully embroidered that no matter what you wear, you’ll look stunning!
I couldn’t take my eyes away from all the mini, midi dresses, sapphire, sky blue, pink pastel, or white with sequins.




Piña Colada

Fancy an outfit to match your coconut juice? Find light and easy dresses to wear at the beach, loose, and brightly colored. Anything a girl wants on a day at the beach in Bali! Plus, the accessories are like some good cocktails! Colorful, and such a statement!






Ubud Market

As Iris Apfel collected items from everywhere she went, always on the look for new and old items, the real fashionista within you will find real pleasure in roving through the kiosks. All those kimonos from Ubud market will steal your heart!

Also, you can bargain and get 4 for the price of 2 or find some unique handmade gifts. Also, there is a vast range of beautiful patterned scarfs, Indonesian pants (batik) and skirts. I had a hard time choosing so I just decided I’d take two. Ehem, sorry, I meant 7.






BONUS: if you are into checking out chain shops while on your holiday, you can head out to Beachwalk Kuta. Always crowded, always hectic, the centre of Kuta is the place where most of the tourists go, it’s so popular and comes up in all searches of where to go in Bali. But you can find good deals in big shops such as H&M, Zara,etc. And you can try out different foods at the upper floor, though more pricey.




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