Come on, face it! We girls go into a frenzy when we’re about to go on holiday and don’t know what sort of swimwear to take with us!

Well, I’ll share my swimwear obsessions ! And I’m curious to see what type of swimwear you’re into so feel free to share your style !


  • Swimsuit with frills

Anyone loves frills! Whether they’re on the upper side of the swimsuit or lower side, they flatter any body type. If the frills are on the cup of the bra, it makes your chest look bigger, but if they’re on the upper part of your thighs, they make your legs look skinnier. It’s a fun swimsuit to wear, depending on the frills, you can achieve a sexy salsa girl look also!



  • Hollywood high-waisted briefs

I love wearing these because they make my upper thighs look thinner. And, I can always pair this with white retro sunglasses, a headband or scarf, and look like some Hollywood star from the 70’s.


  • Braided drawstring swimsuit

The trend now with braided drawstrings tops, even skirts or pants is taking over swimsuits ! The strings in the upper side of your body makes you look sexy ! Try it!


  • Bright two piece

I loooove bright two piece swimsuits, I own weird colors such as neon yellow or green, or intense red. I think these enhance your tan and gives you a playful look! I like to mix and match also, so I might wear a bra from another swimwear set to combine it with my new briefs!

  • Black one piece

I think that just like an LBD, the black one piece swimsuit shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe! It’s a go to, whenever you’re in a rush, it’s perfect for swimming classes, or when you’re just not in the mood to combine beach dresses with swimwear,etc. Plus, it’s perfect for any body type so you’ll look great in it!



What’s your favorite type of swimwear? Share with me!



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