Raises up, seems to lead somewhere.


Kites in the sky, swiftly moving, gently brushing some of the soft edges of silver clouds.

Show me.

Take me, take me as fast as you can. Wherever you want.  Drive me to wherever. Towards a new world,  a territory marked by our feet in the sand or dirt, dreams and desires. And smiles. Or take me in a fast car, racing to a place where adventures begin.

Hold me.

Like you do now. Like we are best friends that have shared some of their weirdest but also loveliest stories. Hold me and wrap me up, and then unfold me…And take me somewhere only we know.

Where do we go?

Through rain, wind, heat, broken pasts, shattered heart pieces, stitch them together. Fast forward sunny moments. Through heartbeats and swings of embraces, press your body hard against me. Run with me.

Palm trees and rays of sun.

You stumble onto me, and into silly laughs. Stay here. Breathe it all in. This. This might be a part of perfection. A piece of what others might have not tasted, seen, discovered, lived or ever dreamt of experiencing. Be wild with me. But take a moment. Close your eyes and breathe in.

Bali vibes.

And you.



P.s: post inspired by the song Momentum by Two Feet

Photo by @Jordan Simons.


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