We are.

We are made of dust that slips through love burns, through rivers of joy, through seas of lust, through forgetfulness. We are desire and we are pure fire. We are slippery though, we disappear. We melt into each other, making it hard to recompose after. You make everything hard for me. Because I forgot how […]


I’ve been tempted to say your lips missed me. I couldn’t. I’ve been tempted to kiss you to exhaustion, but you did. As if the whole world would crash and burn tomorrow, and this today is all we’ve got. I’ve been tempted to let go of your hand, and run. Because it scared me. This. […]

Illustrious women: Vera Purtscher, owner of Vera Pure

This section of my blog debuts today with an article about how Vera Purtscher, an Austrian-Swiss architect and designer, who started the story of Vera Pure over 15 years ago. This section of my blog, Illustrious Women, is meant to be a a series of interviews and articles about illustrious women. Illustrious means being admired and […]