Just another try.

One more, please.

Look up. Look around. Think. About the purpose, about the feeling. About getting there. About the beauty of all of it. Or don’t. Don’t think about any of these and just keep going. I was looking at my feet as I went up, and kept on to our saying “one foot in front of the other”.

But then, I fell back and wanted to give up.

My legs are failing me, my mind is saying “you didn’t train before, are you sure you can do this?”

Your body maybe is not fit or strong enough. To make it to the 3746 metres on this mountain? To conquer it?

It burns and it hurts I lay on a rock, take a breath, think about it. And if only I could stop thinking abut it, and then just go. One foot in front of the other. No other thoughts. I look up, disappointed, I can’t make it.

But someone there’s offering me his hand. It makes all of the before thoughts go away. It makes me forget about it. I get up, go on.

The road is still long, we have a lot more till the summit. We make two steps forward, one step back. I slip. We slip. We keep going. It repeats until I get so tired and frustrated that I put my hands on my face and I say no more. Maybe this is not for me after all… people are coming down, they gave up, said it was too hard for them to climb to the top. But then, I think,

yeah so what you just gonna stop here? You got till here and now what? Are you serious? And plus, you’ve never been a quitter!

I know. I get up.

My calves hurt, because of the pressure I put on them when climbing up the steep path. I grab onto dirt, roots, whatever I can to help me up. I look up, see the top. I think, “am I going to make it? I’m tired.”

We breathe harder. We’re almost there. It seems like it needs a final push to get there. We slip more, we climb more, we go forward, we go back. We look up and inside us, we are eagerly waiting for it, getting there. The last bit is the hardest. We feel the pain more after so many hours of climbing Rinjani.

But there is something… there is something awaiting.

The sky is ready to offer us what it has best. Astonishing sunrise and colorful rays of sun. Light after darkness and optimism, perfect cotton candy clouds, lines of blue, nature’s beauty and epic moments. It’s happening. And it seems it’s just happening for us, there.


You take it all in…you look around you everywhere, you turn, because everywhere you look there’s beauty. We’re in awe.


A word that I love. It seems it comprises lots of other words for something that is mind blowing, breathtaking.

We made it.

Thanks for taking my hand. You lifted me up.


The Earth has its music for those who listen.

                                                          George Santayana


Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

                                                            Henry Thoreau


WATCH the video of our climb to Mount Rinjani by The Life of Jord. Hit subscribe if you like it!

Thanks to Morrist Adventure for the tour!

Also, I leave you with some more amazing photos by Jordan Simons.





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