Fashion girls are not all about fashion, and I’m also all about driving!

This is my first blog post on a driving experience so I hope you will like it and you’ll come back for more!

First of all, let me tell you how it came about. I was in Austria, attending a conference, Forum Alpbach, and we could test BMW i3 and drive around this region of Tyrol, with breathtaking sceneries and tight curbes of course.

First feeling that I had when I got in the car was that it felt light. It felt easy to drive and very comfortable, the driver’s seat was one of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever tried. BMW i3 is an electric car, with single speed transmission, and the thing I loved most about it is that it represents sustainable and responsible driving.

Zero emissions at the point of use means less air pollution in urban areas and more fresh air for you to breathe

Up to 95% of the BMW i3 is recyclable.

(Official site of  BMW)

I must say that it was the first electric car I drove and it felt weird not hearing the engine noise. If you turn up the music, you feel you’re not even inside a car anymore. So that made me forget a bit how many miles per hour I had. It was also the first automatic transmission car I tested, and it feels easier to drive somehow. I recommend to be cautious when driving through winding roads, I had to slow down more than usual, because probably I need a bit more time to get used to it. But it was a lovely drive and it felt very smooth, so I can’t wait to try it again!

Tell me your experiences about BMW i3 if you tested it!



The beautiful location of the conference in Alpbach


And the beautiful roads where we tested the i3






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