Just a look over to the future. Just a moment caught in eternity. Something you’ve always wished for. Something you’ve always dreamed of. Right here. Right now.

You know time. You’ve known it and you’ve thought that one day, you’ll have this. A moment that will last in time. A genuine feeling, a look up to the sky and a smile, that comes from the happiness within. From the bottom of your heart.

I know, you know. Your heart is fragile. You’ve been caught in bad moments, you’ve had your wrong timings. But you’ve always cherished realness. And you dreamed of good timings. Until it happens. Good timing.

You know dreams. You’ve known your dreams and passions, but today you have so many. You feel a bit blown off, because suddenly you feel that more is possible. More dreams.

I know, you are fragile. But you know me. And you know this moment and you know these seconds, that these seconds can mean so much. And they do.

You’ve never known that these 30 seconds can mean infinity.

Now you do.



Photo by Jordan Simons (@lifeofjord)

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