Stripes. Black and white and pink. Curves. Smiling, she turns.

A touch that lingers. A flick of passion and some words hanging in the air. She moves, swirling, as if in her own world.

He is walking towards the sun, takes a photo, wants to stay in the sun.

They say you can’t escape feelings, as much as you’d like to. They say that you can’t run from them, cuz somehow they will catch up with you. And he grabs her hand. She looks up at him, restless. She’s always been restless. In everything she ever did, in everything she ever touched. It’s energy. Some say it’s emotions.

She wants to come, stay in the sun with him, but she also wants to run. Why? Well maybe because she hasn’t had too many rays of sunshine…

She wakes up in his warm arms. She swirls again, she inhales his scent. He breathes her in. He draws her in.

Stripped. Bared it all after hiding it all. For a someone.

Stripped. Dress on the floor, ripped tights on the nightstand, lingerie on the lamp. Red marks on white pillows, traces of stolen lipstick.

Tonight. After the sun, she didn’t run away anymore. Or she did, but he caught up with her. He felt her. And that’s all.

Restless. Mind, body, lips, feelings, restless days.

Forever restless,


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