We were. We wanted. We desired and we burned.

We revived and we cured. Then again we fell under the illness of the memories.

We hid everything we had more precious in our lives. We left it where we met. We touched and we got scared. We dreamt and we lived the dream. We lost everything and we came out with scars. We fought to meet each other again, but life happens.

We had more than we could imagine. We ran after more dreams and slipped on thin ice.  We broke the walls. We lifted the curtains, let it all out. We craved for touches and looks that would give us hope. Give us trust. And lust. And then hope again.

Your faith was put in hard kisses and slow embraces. Your eyes met mine but I don’t know what else they were seeing.

You were searching through me, I was just caught in a tale. But feeling tangled to you felt fine. Just fine. So you kept searching.

Your search seemed to never end, and it was leaving traces.

Waking up, I find a note.

We were. We wanted.







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