Long time he ran through your body, leaving it thirsty after his return.

Long time you dreamed about seeing his sparking eyes again and now, that you’re so close to those friendly fires, to that friendly beast, to that river of lust caught inside a metal truffle, you will begin your ritual again.

Stay. But at the same time, don’t be close. Walk away, but at the same time, keep your hands on me.

Your head will say, this is just a yearning… but there’s not much one can do out there in the jungle of passion.

We light up those friendly fires. We either fall in love with the beast either….

You tell me.

So, I am waiting for  your answer. Are you going to be fooled again, to be let into that splendid space of vivid feelings? Are you going to shake hands with that strong vibrant feeling?

Or are you going to let yourself in that sense of lost power, of gained desire?


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