Let’s get real. Get your damn hands off my memories. Off our hidden happy snaps, when you got me. When I was yours, but I didn’t know you had “yours” at plural. When that sweet look didn’t trade shades of truth.  When we drove off to the mountains, seeking serenity in two.

Let’s get real, girl. You know you’re good, you know you’re at it. Your game is made! You’re full of cheer, love, smile, dancing, crystal clear emotions, you’re open. You know what you doing and what you’re after in life. And you’re careful not to slip. You’re full of clarity and you fall and break and hurt when you’re with people full of s***.

Let’s get real, dude. You went after her, she was a pray. She smiled a lot and didn’t make it hard for you. You were sweet and enchanting, took her places no man had ever taken her before. On earth and beyond. You laughed like silly and connected. You made her believe she was the only girl in the world for you. Get over yourself. You ain’t gonna go far without real feelings in your life and real people. People who don’t hide. Who don’t fake, being there. Who don’t borrow someone’s life for a second to wrap it up in love just to satisfy an interior frustration or prove yourself you can. Prove you can be a player. Play with all that devilish cute smile of yours, go all in. Yeah, you got her. You got her and you know it. But you know deep down, what you did to her, leaving without a trace, a warning, without the slight gesture…what goes round goes back around. You know and your eyes know, when you lay down next to the other, that you did is not right and you’ll hurt a little.

It is very rare in life that we find people who are firstly, true to themselves. And then, true to others. Some people choose to hide, or run away. And we have this reflex of catching their hands, or holding them, or imagining that somehow, they only run because they were only getting closer.

It is very rare in life that we find that true sparkle. The one that ignites the unique sparkle we have in us, and what is more, it makes it shine brighter. So let’s get real. Yeah, all of you out there. Just fucking stop for a second from texting random stuff, from running away from a possible nice thing, from deceiving, from lying or playing just so you get your prize, just stop for a freakin second. And look around, and feel if what you get back is deceiving. Cuz if you are not real, then nothing will be around you, even you think it is.

So let’s get real. Time’s too short to be fooled. And time’s too short to lie to yourself, and to miss out on so much just because you hid, and you didn’t let yourself show.

Let’s get real, dude. You run because you might feel something remotely close to love?



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