Let’s get real. Get your damn hands off my memories. Off our hidden happy snaps, when you got me. When I was yours, but I didn’t know you had “yours” at plural. When that sweet look didn’t trade shades of truth.  When we drove off to the mountains, seeking serenity in two. Let’s get real, girl. […]

Seen at Romanian Fashion Philosophy

Seen?  Yes! At Romanian Fashion Philosophy, our senses were thrilled! Music, lights, vintage atmosphere, colors, materials, textures, crazy hairstyles, curious looks. Youngsters just out of the college from UAD Cluj, or other fashion institutes, took over the scene and showed us their unique vision of the world, in a scenery that opposes their creations, a […]

Romanian Fashion Design Talent Competition

Maia Morgenstern a deschis prima zi din cea de a doua editie Romanian Fashion Philosophy, cu proiectul inedit al Universitatii Nationale de Arte Bucuresti. A doua editie Romanian Fashion Philosophy a debutat grandios, intr-o atmosfera teatrala, cu Maia Morgenstern, si talentatii designeri ai UAD Cluj, Au urmat prezentarile de moda ale tinerilor designeri de la […]