Feel the sun, feel the arabian scent…hear the vibes of the city, embrace the feeling. New, sparkling, luxurious, all your senses are captivated.

The moment I stepped out of the car in front of our hotel, it was like in the Sex and the City movie. I was Samantha, of course! J)

The music..oh the music..as the valet opened the car door…it was breathtaking.

The scent…I walked into the great hall, decorated with fresh flowers of pale pink and white and beige and fuchsia. I was invited to take a cold drink, a fresh hibiscus tea, held in the smallest glass ever, that I thought hey, a shot would be nice too! It cooled me down, because getting used to high temperatures is not so easy.

Lingering in the sun, walking around Jumeirah Beach, having coffee and a croissant in a chic bakery by the big boulevards with livable fences as high as 80 floors or more. Enjoying the best salad and homemade pizza after bathing in the sea, what could be better? J

Dubai surprised me. It was wrapping me, each day, with something new and delightful and I felt pampered. Everywhere  you go, people that serve you want to offer the highest client service and you will leave truly content. Sometimes, it all seems to even go to extremes to make the customer satisfied.

The evenings were though, I think, my favorite part, well, after sunset, because the breeze was cool, and you could stay outside for the whole night.

Everywhere I went, almost, there was gold. Sparkle and shine and all the other ingredients to making you feel…confortable, luxurious.

It was all well-put together, and I enjoyed it to the max. But, I can’t help but feel that kind of fake happiness. Or I don’t know..just superficiality.

So I found a quote that got me thinking…

Time is made of gold.


Cherish every moment 🙂



Up from the 62nd floor, from my room:)


Waking up to this view isn’t that bad.. 🙂


Chilling by the beach


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