In the back of the car. I look out and I see the city I leave behind.

It’s been mesmerizing. It caught my eye, it captured my senses, it brought up more curiosity in me, it made me want to see what’s behind the shine, the gold souks, the gold woven carpets, the lavish bars, the glittering appearances.

In Dubai I was spoilt. I felt that everyone tried to please me, nevermind what it takes. Actually,not me, but the “guest me” in a 5 star hotel (I am not that hard to please, actually, I might add).

I was wowed when I saw the dancing fountains, on a superb song

The calm breeze, the heat that came through my body each time I took long walks alongside Dubai Marina, or at the beach…the rush you feel when you see and experience something for the first time.

I laughed with an Arab in the elevator throughout 62 floors, I stared at the women in abaya. I wore an abaya, and I almost fainted because of the heat I felt in it, I saw one of the most beautiful mosques in the world in Abu Dhabi. I admired the purity of it, the calmness. And I wished the world would be calmer, safer, without wars or fights between religions. I was asked to be the wife of an egyptian, and I was asked all the time where is my boyfriend (haha,still waiting for him).We almost had an accident when the taxi driver hit 200 km/h. Most of them don’t speak English well, but I’ve met a lot of taxi drivers that were from Pakistan, India, and that were there because of the money, without their families. They missed them and said: “here,no life. Just money”.

The city was bustling, even from the 62nd floor I could still hear at night the sound of it. It never stopped.

I looked for new experiences each day. I talked to the people in the shops, to the ones that were serving us always nicely. When we travel,I think we may not notice many things around us, even when we are busy buying our croissant or enjoying our luxurious dinner. People make things more interesting.

I hoped and I absorbed everything. More on the adventures coming up soon..I just wanted to leave you with an illustrious story.

In the back of the car, I looked back and I knew more amazing things await.

Maybe it’s also a question of being ready.

With love,


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