Winter Wonderland – white photoshoot

Lost in a Winter Wonderland?

Someone said you can’t even talk about fashion during the cold winter months, but a fashion blogger with a vision can always make it into something magical.

On a Sunday morning, we got in the car, and headed to Comana Park, which is actually a natural protected area, close to Bucharest.

For the photoshoot I used three outfits, and one of the most important pieces was a vintage sweater, older than 30 years, which was my mother’s. It is handmade and sown, 100% of wool, and beautifully displays traditional motifs. I would have never thought it would be my turn to wear it! 🙂 And I am happy I did.

The concept for the photoshoot was nature, simplicity, purity, snow princess, maybe even towards Russian princess, and joy, of life, of the surroundings. The light reflecting from the snow magically wrapped me and I felt lost in a winter wonderland that seemed mine. But then, I found new companions.. you’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos below!

I can say it was also a bit challenging, to stand on the frozen river and try to look cool and not scared to fall in cold water! 🙂 But I loved it!

Adrian Dan is a photographer who captures beauty everywhere he goes, and in my vision, he is a travel photographer that manages to capture poignant urban and rural sceneries, but also fractures of human nature, fragility, beauty.

It was a pleasure shooting in the cold 😛 and I can’t wait for you to see all these beautiful pictures!

Your snow princess,




Photographer: Adrian Dan from

Outfit: Zara boots, Zara jeans, vintage fur hat, vintage sweater

Make-up: Andreea Dan

@Artistry eyeliner

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  1. Iti sta foarte bine! Imi place foarte mult haina.

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