See your beautiful.

Talk to me. Baby, set it free. Let me see you. Let me. just let me please.

You’re there, your heart is here, your eyes are watery. You sit there, hidden, but I catch your butterfly fleeting feelings. I catch them with my hands, because you’re too afraid. And then I think you’ll leave. You’re there, beautiful as ever, with a light that transcends worlds, with eyes that see through heaven woven dreams, and though you look frail, my dear. You are so strong.

Don’t cage yourself anymore. We all do, somehow. Throughout our lives, we sometimes get caught in cages built by others, or even we build ourselves the cage. And then we know its construction but still we can’t get out of it. We cage ourselves because this world asks us too, or begs us too through all the day by day stuff.

You are a free rare bird that flies only to destinations unknown but close to the soul, and where you can help others.

Beauty surrounds us. It connects the dots around us and conquers the darkness when we’re trapped. It gives us hope. I’m not talking about lovely faces. I’m talking about beauty, the true one that asks for nothing, that might not even show, that might not be visible in shapes, but feelings. The beauty of doing good, of helping someone’s life, of transforming tears in smiles, and children’s broken days into wonder.

The morning beauty. It warms your face and your skin and sketches many more suns with the one you love.

Everywhere we go, every stone we walk, every corner in the city, there it is. Look for it or let it surprise you.

See your beautiful.



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