Say it.


And say it. Open your beautiful lips and caress my mind with them.

Open your skilled mouth to take what you came for. Give me more and I’ll give you more.

Crawl in the cotton sheets, come after me. Haunt me in my sleep, chase me with your kindness. Whisper words of real. Words of you and me. Words that only us two know. Words we made up together in the crazy nights, in the summer sweat and morning coffees.

Come closer now, honey, bring me to my reality. The one in which there’s no lies, no facades, no social images, #nofilter.

Say it.

If I bail on you, you won’t fucking bail on me.

If I leave you hanging, you’ll catch me and take me with you down the road.

That if I say I don’t want to kiss you cuz I’m mad at you, you’ll fucking kiss me.

If I’ll be like a couch potato one evening cuz I’m tired and with a bad hair day, you’ll get into your *hitty pijamas and be funky with me.

That if I’ll be madly sexy, you’ll put me the wall and take me wholely.

That if I bail on you one day, you won’t fucking bail on me.

If I leave the house. and just give you a bye post it, you’ll walk with me.

If I don’t kiss you, you’ll fucking kiss me.




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