We keep searching. Day by day.

We fall like stupid, we fall like kids when they’re trying tricks, and we are a mess. We breathe harder for some that don’t even know us, the real us. We run faster for stuff that maybe we don’t need at all in our lives. We cry because we think of ourselves, when things go wrong. Or because we just said goodbyes to a good friend that stood by us for years. And you stand there, waving your hand to a dear friend and more than that…We remain with these thoughts, oh, but how would it have been…? Maybe that was my chance, I missed it.

We laugh like we are watching the best sitcom ever, but it’s our life. This super silly girl catches your hands for a second, without wanting. It all happens by mistake. Even knowing you was by mistake. Smiles and looks at you. You smile back.

We love these moments. It’s the little things that make for happiness.

We imagine these touches… we imagine perfection like in movies, or some scenes from a Jane Austen novel. We fight harder for those who don’t want us to fight for them.

We give up, we lay our love weapons on the ground. We give up tenderness, and we run somewhere. We hide beneath our desk, 8 hours per day.

We break. Sometimes, even the beautiful things that we love. Sometimes, the people we love. Because we’re clumsy. That’s it. Clumsy.

I fucking stumble upon  my words, I can barely stand on my feet sometimes, when I feel those… weird butterflies inside of me.

That’s the truth.

And we keep searching. Day by day.

In the strangers we encounter in the parks, in the office building down the hallway, at lunch breaks, on the streets, in the subway, everywhere. On blind dates and on failed dates, and on girls night out. And on guys football nights on the terrace. On insane club nights and quiet outings.Everywhere.

We keep searching, but the thing is, we always search elsewhere. We are never attentive at what is near us. Hell, we might be missing happiness when we could just take it.




Post inspired from the song Perfect, Ed Sheeran and parts of Dive. And of course, by some moments in my life 🙂



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