Streetstyle – autumn vibes photoshoot

It’s a chill Sunday morning, with a strong autumn vibe.

The city is more silent than usual, or maybe it’s just too early for taking a stroll.

I hadn’t done any streetstyle photoshoot before. It’s always exciting to discover new places, new designers, new vibes, new YOU.

I have a love for black and white ensembles, grey, and simple lines.

For the AW season, I find it extremely easy to combine a lot of textures, with black and white. I think it gives you a great option in a short time and either way, you look elegant and well put together.

I wore an outfit owned by me, with black suede over the knee boots and H&M grey dress, and another outfit by Alexandra Ivan, a talented young Romanian designer.

The location, hair and makeup seem hard to come together, but finally, they do. Even when you don’t have much time to plan ahead.

What I’ve learnt from this photoshoot is that I  realised it’s quite hard to get a good photo while you’re crossing the streets in the most elegant way possible 🙂 and that changing your outfits in a car, though on deserted streets, might gather an audience…and curious eyes. Haha.

But we’ll talk more about it in our next Illustrious Talks 1.01. 🙂

Thanks go to Ana Maria, a great photographer, who loves details and who takes amazing shots, you will see more of her!

Have a look, hope you like them!

Date of the post: November 2016




















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