Don’t collide.

Don’t collide with me.

Stop your steps.

Head back.Turn. Walk away. Go. Now. Turn back! Why stay here?

We don’t.


He stays in bed, wondering about his life, his crazy moments and wherever he’s headed to. He’s also asking himself where do people light up. And how. What brings them to just light up. Hmm, he leans his head to one side and thinks, what silly stuff. Hah.

She writes, her laptop in her lap, she’s drown in feathers. Big pillows, crazy Manhattan style bedroom. Coffee table next to her, small chocolates left. Cadburys, truffles, love ideas, post its, undrinken wishes, her perfume bottle and ..well..the rest.

He looks at some pictures, he dwelves into his sketched thoughts that go further away. But he’s grounded. Half of him is as if living in another place, and the other half of him well grounded here.

She exhales. She remembers and she flips the page. She dreams hard. As if she were there.

Day comes, these two crazy heads meet. They don’t understand each other..and honestly, who these days understands love? Or liking. Or anything of the sort. Like anything close to liking a human that much you want to text him/her to ask them out. Like, hey, fancy an ice cream? Hey, you wanna hang out? Jeez..I mean, I don’t know. Don’t know how this world works nowadays and to be honest, I’m not pretty sure about many things right now. Everything is so fast, all is on fast fw, we don’t even have time to sip a coffee in the morning, cuz we rush. We walk on the fast lane that is never there and we get through 8 hours looking at the clock from half to half an hour. We run to catch the bus in the morning, we over organise, we don’t let time wrap us in anything nice, we slip our clothes on and walk out the door.

Anyways! I was saying that these two people are lovely. I mean, so they seem so. They look nice and they feel each other. Maybe they’ve even fallen for one another. But what do I know? I know nothing about surviving these days in the jungle that’s out there. I mean, the city.

Sometimes I wish I was far away hidden in a village. Or..maybe that’s because most of our lives are too much on social media and somehow connected to a device. And, when did  it happen that we took the < 3 for the real thing…?


He’s still thinking about what makes a person click.

She’s still writing. She’s sleepy but she keeps on, it’s like she’s putting stuff out there that one day people will read over the years.

Yeah, well, you guessed it, she’s dreamy. But he’s also. I know it.



You are barely waking…and I am tangled up in you.

Your fingers trace me, all of me. It’s crazy, I have no idea why I’m here. Why I kissed you and why I think I like you.

They stood there, and traced each other, touched each sense and revealed new ones. How do people light up? Well…when they see someone whose color is the same as theirs. The color that lights up inside, in their mind and heart. And the heart is the hardest to light up.

Please, don’t collide with me.





p.s: inspiration for this post is Collide, by Howie Day.


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