Celebrate. The women that we are! Happy women’s day!

Today it’s the international day of women.

That means that in every corner of the world,today women are celebrated. Grandmothers, mothers, daughters, every woman should receive attention and a flower or depending on the culture of the countries,a symbol of gratitude or admiration.

Many say why is there such a day dedicated to women and there isn’t a day dedicated to men. Well…since women go through great pains and changes in their lives because their bodies are just conceived differently, and since they carry children and give the greatest gift of all, birth. Well,then I think it’s a well deserved celebration. Because when I think of this day, I think firstly of my mother. The one who gave me life and who helped me become the woman I am today. The one who stood by me since my early years when I believed I was a princess that just had troubles finding her paradise and prince, to the struggling introvert teenage girl who did everything on the spur of the moment, made the worst of the choices and had tantrums, locked herself up in the room, thinking “oh this teenage life is so hard”. I can’t imagine the hard work and the days of raising two kids, and it’s all a hard job. Certainly the most beautiful one. So today is firstly about her. I adore, admire and will always look up to her. She will always be the driving force of my entire life and the one who instilled in me the sense of kindness, justice, fairness, and most of all, love. What she told me, recently, when I was heartbroken, disappointed, she told me, what is meant to be, will be. You always get up in life, no matter what. So get up girl and go be who you are meant to be.

Then it is about my sister,who is now a mother of an amazing kiddo. Then it is about women all over this world. All women are beautiful, and all women are strong.

I have never met a woman who is not strong.

And then it is about how I feel as a woman. Today I feel appreciated by the male figures all around me of course. 🙂 But most of all, I feel I am strong and I feel that this day is a lovely spring day with tons of flowers that makes me smile, good vibes and people who say “may you have a wonderful day”. People randomly giving out flowers on the street. It is a street celebration, also. It is a day that I wish I could see more often on the streets, elders hugging their wives, people handing out gifts, flowers, smiles and wishes.

But it is just one more day of being me. The best version of me that I can possibly be. And it is just one more day closer to my dream.

Photo: Oana Radu
Make-up: Lore Make-up

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