I’ve been tempted to say your lips missed me. I couldn’t. I’ve been tempted to kiss you to exhaustion, but you did. As if the whole world would crash and burn tomorrow, and this today is all we’ve got. I’ve been tempted to let go of your hand, and run. Because it scared me. This. […]


Stripes. Black and white and pink. Curves. Smiling, she turns. A touch that lingers. A flick of passion and some words hanging in the air. She moves, swirling, as if in her own world. He is walking towards the sun, takes a photo, wants to stay in the sun. They say you can’t escape feelings, […]


Let’s get real. Get your damn hands off my memories. Off our hidden happy snaps, when you got me. When I was yours, but I didn’t know you had “yours” at plural. When that sweet look didn’t trade shades of truth.  When we drove off to the mountains, seeking serenity in two. Let’s get real, girl. […]