You dream higher. You get there, door closes behind you. You step in, not confident. Head in the ground, maybe afraid? You hear the music. It’s loud, but it’s healing, it’s soothing, gets you to lift your head. It’s pure energy,it makes you wanna fly. You know the song, it’s the one you’ve been playing […]


I twist and turn. Lights off, discover me. Lights on, discover me. Enter the room, as you do, throw your dirty clothes on the floor. After a long road, you’re here. Embrace me with all your tiredness, lack of energy, sparkly eyes, with all that you have. I play and I hide. I wear you […]

We are.

We are made of dust that slips through love burns, through rivers of joy, through seas of lust, through forgetfulness. We are desire and we are pure fire. We are slippery though, we disappear. We melt into each other, making it hard to recompose after. You make everything hard for me. Because I forgot how […]